Ongoing Job Openings for Order Pickers in the USA

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Ongoing Job Openings for Order Pickers in the USA

The United States of America mostly referred to as the USA is a federation in the Northern part of America. It is the third most populous countries of the world. It’s one of the nations of the world with the greatest economy.

Recent survey shows that immigrants from all over the world tends to be interested in moving and working in the country as it has one of the best immigration programs for easier migration of skilled and experience workers that would contribute to the development of the country.

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Recruitment process in the country is free and fair as it tends to prohibit discrimination whatsoever throughout the employment process ranging from disability, religion, colour, nationality, gender, and all others as prohibited by the law

Job Objective

We’re super excited to bring to you amazing employment opportunities in the country for goal-oriented and trustworthy individuals who are adequately equipped to work as Order Pickers. All applicants are required to be able to effectively meet the required skills and experience which ranges from paying strong attention to details, exceptional multi-tasking skills and able to effectively work under intense pressure

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Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • Effective selection of products
  • Movement of products in the store
  • Verification and inspection of invoices when picking and fulfilling order
  • Verify the available of products in the store
  • Ensure the proper verification of incoming products
  • Comply effectively to established health and safety principles
  • Perform all assigned responsibilities diligently
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Job Skills and Requirements

  • High school diploma
  • Previous experience is required
  • Able to effectively work under intense pressure
  • Capable of paying strong attention to details
  • Impeccable interpersonal skills
  • Excellent multi-tasking skills
  • Strong communication and management skills
  • Critical thinking and analytical skills

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