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Study and Work in Canada: Everything You Need to Know

Are you aware most foreign students have the intention to study and work in Canada at the same time? Before migrating to Canada, it doesn’t happen by any form of magic because there are key things that need to be done. An international student with the right documents can work in any company in Canada for a minimum of 20 hours per week without even using a work permit to get the right job. The salary they are being paid can be used in taking care of their education, feeding, accommodation, and many other expenses.

When an individual study and work in Canada, it gives them the opportunity for meeting new people, acquiring experience, and also building connections with Canadian citizens. Some people have followed this route as a student, and it has helped them in getting a better job at the later stages of their careers. The important thing for such a student he or she has to be eligible before they can get the privilege to study and work in Canada. Let’s get to see these things if a student must meet up the basic requirements.

How to be Eligible for Study and Work in Canada?
An international student who is studying in Canada can work in any Canadian company using his or her study permit. The study permit allows the student to obtain a job even without any work permit. The student needs to provide a financial statement before they will be given admission in any of the institutions in Canada even when they have the intention of picking up a job to fund some of their bills. Let’s see these key things one has to do:

  1. Understand Basic Requirements:
    Each of the Canadian institutions has specific requirements that have been listed out for any foreign students who have the intention of becoming their students. It is expected of the student to research to know the study permit process of the school. One should prepare one year ahead of time for a study permit. There is no way an institution won’t ask for things such as a valid passport, financial records, proficiency in English or French language, etc.
  2. Select Course and Institution:
    Here, the student must pick his or her course and institution. The school will give the student an admission letter to prove the student has been admitted as a student of the school. It will be expected for students to pick a course they will major on, and the good thing is they can also do other courses together with their main course. One needs to be sure about the course they are going for.
  3. Language Proficiency Test:
    This is another important step in gaining enrolled as an international student in Canada. The test shows your level of fluency in either English or French language. The common test language English test is IELTS, and there are other tests like TOEFL. For French language tests, we have TCF, DALF, and DELF. The most common French test option is TCF, and this will make you eligible for a study permit in Canada.
  4. Apply to Universities:
    There are different universities in Canada, and this shows you can send out various applications. Applying to different schools increases the chances of getting admission. The application fee has to be paid, and this varies from $100 to $250. You need to be intentional with your numerous applications, and the information given out should be detailed. If you are being accepted as a student, the school will send an admission letter to you.
  5. Application for a Study Permit:

Apply here

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